The Occupy Unconference is Being Held in Solidarity with ImmigrantsOccupy Global Day of Action!


On December 18th, Netroots New York, Pace University and activists will host sessions about the Occupy movement. Whether you self-identify as an occupier or simply want to learn more about this emergent political phenomenon, we think this event will be a great way to spend you time; without the risk of doing time. Register to Attend

The Unconference

Occupy Unconference is a participant-produced event.

Half the sessions will be organized by members of NYCGA working groups before the event. The other half will be organized by attendees the day of the event. If you're involved in a working group you can apply to reserve a room for a session.

  • Note: Food will not be provided. Please bring something for yourself, and something to share, if possible. If you're interested in organizing breakfast/lunch support, please click here.


  • Date: December 18th, 2011
  • Time: 9am to 7pm
  • Location: Pace University, One Pace Plaza, NYC
    Entrance on south side, on Spruce St., halfway down block
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, N, R, J, M, Z, A, C
  • Arrestability: Not applicable
  • Food: No food will be offered. Bring your own!
  • Lodging: Not applicable